BBVI for gammas

This document walks through black box variational inference on a very simple model that includes latent gamma-distributed variables. It includes tricks shared by Rajesh Ranganath and code so that readers can replicate the results.

Data preprocessing tutorial

Given for an internal group meeting; contains lots of links. Focuses on topic modeling, but covers a bit for recommendation and social networks.

Common First Names

Generated from Social Security data. Useful for curating a topic model vocabulary.


Java library for recommenation systems. Has links to relevant datasets.

Public Datasets

Wide range of topics including biology, finance, NLP, images, sports, ...

Research That Matters

A single page printout to inspire significant research in applied machine learning.

Omit Needless Words

A single page printout to encourage brevity in writing.


Food in Princeton

Kevin Wayne's extensive list of Princeton-area restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops.

Sourland Spectacular

An annual Princeton-area road bike ride in the lovely Sourland area; proceeds go to the Sourland Conservancy.